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Why Modular?

Why Should You Buy a Modular Home?

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the construction industry, modular housing should be strongly considered when choosing a home1. Having the same options available as traditional site built housing, but with more benefits, makes modular homes a smart choice in the housing market today.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are a smart choice for new and experienced homeowners alike. A prefabricated home is built in a climate controlled home building facility and conforms to all state, local and regional codes that are required at the final location of the home.

So, what are some reasons you should buy a modular home?

  1. Modular homes are constructed with the same quality materials as site built homes.
  2. Modular homes are placed on a permanent foundation.
  3. As a modular home manufacturer with options across the country, Los Angeles modular home builders is able to offer a wide range of prices and features available for families with different home budgets!  We purchase materials in bulk at reduced prices, which leads to savings for new homeowners.
  4. Because prefabricated homes are built in climate controlled home building facilities, the efficient assembly line process and minimized weather delays cut back the time it takes to build a modular home in comparison to site built homes. This also allows for all parts of the construction process to be controlled1.
  5. There are countless features such as granite counters, sliding barn wood doors, elegant soaker tubs and so much more to customize a modular home.

How are modular homes similar and different to site built homes?

Similarities of modular and site built homes:

  • Since Modular homes are also placed on a permanent foundation, they are considered real property just like site built homes in most states.
  • The same quality materials are used in modular homes as site built homes, which gives modular homes the same look and feel as a site built home.
  • Modular homes are also built to state, local and regional codes.
  • There are multiple options available to customize modular and site built homes.
  • Modular homes do not depreciate and are valued in the same way as site built homes

Differences between modular and site built homes

  • Modular homes are built in climate controlled home building facilities and are completed with an efficient assembly line process. Site built homes are built at the site of the home from beginning to end, which can often lead to weather delays.
  • Modular homes are built with the same quality materials purchased in bulk at a reduced price. Site built homes are built with the amount of quality materials that are needed to construct the home, but often have excess materials that are purchased and not used.
  • Modular homes are built inside out, meaning that the interior of the home is built before the exterior. Site built homes are built outside in, meaning that the exterior of the home is built before the interior.

How does a modular home get to the home site, and what happens after?

Modular homes are typically built in two sections, but depending on the size of the home, can be built in up to five sections. These sections are then transported to the land and joined together on a permanent foundation by a local contractor.

Are there limitations with a modular home?

In most situations, there aren’t limitations when it comes to modular homes. As long as the home can be designed in sections that can be transported to the land, and to the correct state and local codes, there are endless possibilities with modular homes.

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