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Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Blog |

Modern Modular Apartments

Prefab building is a type of building that consists of several factory-built components or units that are assembled on-site to complete the unit. The world’s first prefabricated, pre-cast paneled apartment blocks were pioneered in Liverpool. The idea was not extensively adopted in Britain, however was widely adopted elsewhere, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Architects are incorporating modern designs into the prefab apartments of today. Prefab housing should no longer be compared to a mobile home in terms of appearance, but to that of a complex modernist design. There has also been an increase in the use of green materials in the construction of these prefab apartments. Consumers can easily select between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems.

Broadway Stack is a 28-unit moderate-income apartment complex built with 56 prefabricated modules in New York City. The modules were assembled off-site in a former subway car factory and then shipped to Inwood, where they are stacked to form a seven-story tower.

Bloc10 is a condominium project which sits on a site formerly occupied by a gas station in Winnipeg’s River Heights neighborhood. The developer wanted a modestly priced building that could be completed within 12 months. The panels were delivered to the site then assembled, which helped accelerate the construction schedule, improve quality control and reduce overall waste.

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