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Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in In The News |

Build a Prefab Home in Los Angeles

Build a Prefab Home in Los Angeles

Benefits of Living in Los Angeles

This city celebrates culture and the arts. Many theaters, including the Festival Amphitheater, are well-used for plays and other performances. This city has a strong economy and various major employers.  Some of these include Air Industries Corp., OfficeMax, Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems and Prime Healthcare Services.  Those in the area never have trouble finding a good job.  There are also plenty of entertainment opportunities, swanky boutiques and romantic restaurants.  When it comes to family times, there are many parks and other family-friendly activities.

Most families in this city reside in single-family homes.  If you are ready to join this prosperous community, call US Modular, Inc. We will help you develop your dream home so that you can enjoy everything that this city has to offer in no time.

A Quick Glance at the Garden Grove, California Real Estate Market

A prefab home can give you everything a traditional  site built home can for just a portion of the price while offering higher quality built in ½ time which translates into cost savings for owners. US Modular, Inc. can help you explore your options when it comes to prefab – or modular – homes.  There are hundreds  dozens of existing designs or we can work with you to custom design your home and you have full control over the features in your home.  You will be able to get exactly what you want and need.

Introducing the Next Generation of Housing

The cultural diversity, artistic community and temperate climate make Los Angeles, California an ideal place to live.  Home prices are higher than some parts of the country, but you can still have your prefab dream home in this charming city by choosing to build your new home with cutting edge modular construction.  You will get your home for a fraction of the price time   and it will have all of the features that you need in a home.  Let US Modular, Inc. help you get started in building your home so that you can move to your new city in a matter of months.

The primary benefits of building a modular home include customization, fewer placement restrictions and price. You can customize your home exactly as you want it so that it meets your specific needs. US Modular, Inc. has a variety of floor plans to choose from and you can manipulate these as well or we can custom design your new home. When it comes to price, you will always pay it should cost  less for a custom built modular home in Los Angeles than you will it would for a Site built custom home. Local building codes are used so you can place your home almost anywhere in Los Angeles.

US Modular, Inc. can offer you a better quality home because we use the best construction materials. Our homes are green and will not lead to wasted energy. You can also be sure that you will not be faced with unexpected or extra costs.

Contact US Modular Home Builders for the information you need to make it happen!


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